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Boa made of silver fox Rich natural fur The fur is long, full and silky soft Sueded leather - In between each panel Silky lined interior Handmade One size fits all

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Boa made of natural silver fox fur, made from specially selected skins of the best quality. It is a whole skin (without the head and front paws). In the head area is a small decorative carabiner, which allows you to close the product in an arched scarf, fastening it to one of the legs. This will help you to keep it on your shoulders. If you want, you can use th tail, like separate accessory.

For the summer period, fur products must be stored in a box.
Fur products can not be washed.
We will deliver you goods, that you can see on the photos.
In case if you got a fur item by mail, it may be a little crumpled. In this case, take the fur out of the box, shake it and leave it for 24 hours.