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Woman's head-dress made of raccoon.

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Head-dress is light and warm. Also it can be used as a fur thief
from. It will effectively complement your sweater, jacket or coat. In the cold season, a fur bandage can be put on top of the hat, which will give it an elegant look and increase its value. This universal part of the wardrobe will facilitate your task in selecting a unique image, both everyday and festive.

The length of the hem is 58 cm.
The length of the outer side (the side of the pile) is 65 cm.
The width of the outer side (the side of the pile) is 10 cm.

For the summer period, fur products must be stored in a box, or in a tissue bag.
Fur products can not be washed.
We will deliver you goods, that you can see on the photos.
In case if you got a fur item by mail, it may be a little crumpled. In this case, take the fur out of the box, shake it and leave it for 24 hours.